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We Specialize in Colonial furniture, Period furniture, Antique reproductions, Artifacts, Decorative, Ethnic Arts, and Handicrafts. we Indian Antique are located at Jodhpur, Rajathan, India.Jodhpur is major manufacturer of various above stated articles and trading hub for antique replica. We have best artisans to perform finest Art work available in market. Our Range Includes Armoire T.V. cabinets, Old door T.V. Cabinet, sideboard bed side cabinet chairs, dining set, tables, wine rack, drawers, side tables, telephone stands, doors, bed, Photo frames, easy chairs, temples, architectural Indian antiques doors, Indian antique sideboard, antique bookshelves, antique old door cabinets, antique almirah, Indian antique bar counter, antique columns, antique benches, antique tables, antique boxes, wooden metal statues, antique pots antique windows, roof to name a few. These products are made to excel to twin purpose, decorative as well as usage.

We offer exclusive and exquisite range of wooden products of arts and crafts which are unique blend of Indian traditional and contemporary reflections. Our premium wood transformed uncanny artefacts under the connoisseurship of experts is astounding. Visit our portal gallery for grandeur exposition of our quality products We are proud to have made a mark for ourselves in a highly competitive and quality oriented markets. We have built up a loyal clientele for over 15 years through quality craftsmanship, reasonable prices, friendly attitude and smooth as silk services. In today’s connected world and with a large number of choices available, of course you would naturally expect the utmost value for your money. We assure you, we will always work hard to give you value for money like good quality, reasonable prices, good packing, and last but not the least, deliveries on time. We believe in commitment towards total customer satisfaction and transparency in business.

The products displayed on the site are just a glimpse of our inexhaustible collection. We can offer much more in different designs and styles as innovation guides our action. We look forward to have a long term and mutually beneficial business relationship with you. For any queries please mail us. We assure you the promptest reply.

Our range of products includes high Quality hand crafted wooden furniture for your living Room, bedroom, dinning room, Kitchen etc in Traditional Design as well as in modern & contemporary design. We hold an enviable product range – constituting items starting from table coasters to full length wardrobes and covering small products like small boxes to large dining sets.

Our collection of Antiques Indian Furniture is especially meant for lovers of antique wooden furniture Pieces are either entirely old or made using antique carved wood strips from dismantled ancient Old Big houses, havelis (palace), Armoires, bookcases, cabinets, sideboards, and tables are made using traditional Indian doors, and carved framed construction around such doors are converted into magnificent furniture.

Our Research & Development staff working on new designs in co-ordination with our designers we always try to innovate new furniture collection. If you have any concept or any idea of furniture collection please inform us you can send us any drawing / Idea or picture our designing staff will design the furniture collection of your choice.

We take out most care at all stages of the manufacturing process so that Furniture imported from our company achieves total customer satisfaction. We have incorporated procedures and checks at every step of production which eliminates the margin of error and ensures that every piece is of high quality.

Indian Sheesham Wood Furniture from Indian Antique

About Sheesham Wood : Sheesham is a very durable and dense hardwood which has a beautiful grain with rich colours. Sheesham wood comes from sustainable forests and is cut when it is around 120 years old, it is then matured and dried before being made into a thing of beauty. This furniture will last you for life and as it is hardwood it will survive all the knocks and bumps from the family. As with all handmade furniture, the finish of each piece is unique and the colour may not be consistent in each piece, this depends on how each piece of wood absorbs the colour, although all items in the sheesham will match in perfectly together. All Indian Sheesham wood furniture is hand made from natural materials and has a rustic finish. Indian Sheesham wood furniture has a warm look with traditional clean lines.

Indian Mango Wood Furniture by Indian Antique

About Mango Wood : With its characteristic grain pattern mango is a beautiful hardwood. As mango wood is hard and dense wood it is excellent for making the furniture. The diverse color and shades allows each piece of furniture to exhibit colour variations unlike any other wood form a multitude of browns to shades of yellow. Further more cutting form various directions appear different grain textures which have the same appearance that of mahogany, oak, teak and other types of wood. The rugged beauty of mango wood combined with creativity and skill of crafts men produces furniture which is unique addition and accent to any home.

Indian Acacia Wood Furniture produce by Indian Antique

About Acacia Wood : Acacia Wood is known commonly with the name of Babul & Kikar. The Acacia Arabica word is derived form the Greek word Akis meaning Sharp Point. Acacia is a very durable and dense hardwood which has a beautiful grain with rich colours. Acacia wood has a physically lighter colour than the Sheesham. Acacia Wood is a fast-growing hardwoods, sourced from sustainable, administration managed plantations. Being a hard wood, you can be secure in the knowledge that this well-designed furniture can deal with the stresses and strains of everyday use and still look incredible!

Reclaimed Wooden Furniture - Recycled Indian Wooden Furniture from Indian Antique

Reclaimed Wood / Recycled Wood : Sourced From the old houses of India Reclaimed wood is solid, stable, durable, and beautiful. The furniture made from reclaimed wood have characteristics of different woods like teakwood, sheesham wood, saal wood etc. It is a mixture of all varieties of woods. It brings the warmness of the history to new construction, and gives owners a sense of historic times and place. Its beauty is unique, its durability is supreme. Whether with nail holes or clear- faced grains, these woods bring their history with them and invite another generation to permeate them with their own.

Indian Antique Offers Modern Wooden Furniture

Wonderfully designed and polished Modern Indian Furniture is very popular with many different Styles and finishes to decorate every room of your house. Our collection of modern Indian furniture will give modern & warm feel to your home. Our Modern Indian Furniture is stylish yet comfortable to use. We have many items in our Modern Indian Furniture range to choose from. CD/ DVD towers, TV units, Cube Cases, Coffee Tables to decorate your modern Living Room, dining table, dinning chairs, crockery cabinets, wine racks to decorate your Modern Dinning Room. Comfortable and relaxing bed, Bedside table which can have multiple use, Lingerie chest in the storage section, Dressers and Mirrors for Modern Bedroom. Also we have vide range of occasional furniture in new design & different finishes.

Hand Painted Indian Furniture Supplier Indian Antique

The Indian artist has expressed himself by tradition in different material. The subject and style of painting on furniture is in no way different from, traditional painting in the 'Mughal' courts / Darbar. The 'Kishangarh' style of Rajasthan and Tantric of West Bengal are the most popular depictions on the furniture pieces too. Now almost all the modern day furniture is painted in these styles. Our range of Painted Indian Furniture includes hand painted sideboards, Almirah, Indian Painted Bookshelves, hand painted cabinets, painted boxes, painted coffee tables, etc.

we Produce All Types of High Quality Indian Wooden and Iron Furniture, Modern and Contemporary furniture & Old Style Indian Furniture with Low Cost We have been manufacturing Indian Furniture like Book Cases, Dining Tables, Almirah, Sideboards made of Indian Sheesham Wood commonly known as shisham furniture, Distress Finish & color finish items made in Indian Mango Wood, Different flowers, creatures or texture Painted Indian Furniture, Reclaimed Wood Furniture from old houses beams, Bench, Tables, Chairs for wooden school furniture range, The furniture can be given different types of finishes like stain finish, distressed colour finish, painted finish, Natural Finish etc. We take outmost care at all stages of the manufacturing process so that Furniture imported from our company achieves total customer satisfaction. We always provide our buyers the furniture care information for the repair and support of Indian furniture.

Custom Made Furniture from Indian Antique

we are specialized in manufacturing of custom made furniture as per the design and size given by you with exact shape and size. We are providing our customers the facility of designing the furniture as per there suitability. Just let us know the sizes and design you are looking for we can manufacture piece for you.

Small Gift & Decorative Articles

Indian Antique having a exciting collection of small decorative, gift articles & accessories, the artwork that appeals the artistic and creative instinct of million of art lovers. We are pride in putting up best of handmade gift items on display, made with finest quality material that enhances their utility value and functionality.

Our product range includes all gift articles & accessories made of wood, bone, Iron & leather like Animals, Balls, Boxes, Candle stands, Photo Frames, Wine boxes, ash trays, letter racks, pots, Christmas decorative etc.

Just Visit our On line Indian Furniture Portal. For any queries please mail us. We assure you the promptest reply.